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Elegant Nails | Excited destination for nail services in Elegant Nails

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Most of the times we tend to overlook our nails when looking at our personal hygiene. This is however a very big mistake. The nails are just as important as any other part of the body and failing to take care of them can actually pose a health risk to you. Just like all other parts of the body, a healthy diet is essential to getting good nails but this is just the beginning.

When it comes to proper nail care, cleanliness is one of the most important factors. It is vital that you take the time to ensure that your nails are well cleaned. You could choose to clean them by yourself. Simply wash your hands using water and a gentle soap then gently scrub your nails using a nail scrub. Apart from ensuring that your nails remain beautiful and clean, this will also serve to ensure that your nails are rid of any and all bacteria.
 Elegant Nails | Excited destination for nail services in Elegant Nails
The ultimate in pampering! Replenish and revitalise your hands with a luxurious manicure. This treatment is designed to restore elasticity, plump and smooth dry skin. You will receive cuticle work to exfoliate and remove any dead skin around your nail plate, a luxury mask is applied to deeply nourish your hands. Essential oils are locked in with a rich moisturiser used in a hand and arm massage. Complete the manicure with your chosen nail lacquer shade. French style polish must be booked in advance of your luxury manicure or luxury pedicure treatment.

Some of the most common types are as follows (names and products may vary from spa to spa): Regular pedicure: A simple treatment that includes foot soaking, foot scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file, nail clipping, nail shaping, foot and calf massage, moisturizer, and nail polishing. Basic or classic pedicures are what you probably learned in school. Shape the nails and cuticle area, slough the feet and/or legs, massage calves and feet, and finish with an invigorating peppermint-type lotion. A spa-type pedicure goes further with exfoliation and pampering of the client. The most enjoyable part of the salon pedicure is the massage. Massaging helps promote circulation and helps relieve tension in the calves and feet. Increase in blood circulation can reduce pain and help distribute heat throughout your body. A good pedicure can be very relaxing.
Elegant Nails | Excited destination for nail services in Elegant Nails
Elegant Nails - Nail salon 27103

As with many things in life, the answer to this question really boils down to your personal preference. If you love natural-looking nails, gel nails are a great choice. They’re also a great pick to help prevent your nails from getting damaged. On the other hand, if you’re trying to avoid cracking or peeling nail polish, acrylic nails will suit your needs. Keep in mind, if either gel or acrylic nails are incorrectly applied, you run the risk of damaging your nails. The key to getting the best gel or acrylic nails is to rely on a licensed nail technician to give you your manicure.

Tortoiseshell print has long been a mainstay in the fashion world and is loved for its elegant, ultra-wearable nature and its ability to be matched with ease to any outfit you pair it with. In fact, it is so versatile that we’d practically call it a neutral. Now the tortoiseshell is moving beyond accessories and onto our nails. Tortoiseshell manicures have started popping up in our Instagram feed and they are beyond chic. There is something about the speckled caramel design that feels destined to sit alongside chunky knits and cosy autumn shades. That’s why I am one hundred percent on board with the return of my favourite Autumn nail trend: tortoiseshell nails which are back in a big way for this year's Fall.
Elegant Nails | Excited destination for nail services in Elegant Nails
Elegant Nails is the best nail salon Winston-Salem

I know we are supposed to put white away this time of year, but I think it is bull. White is an all time classic color. It contrasts against every type of outfit we wear in the Autumn. I love a white manicure because of how fresh it feels amongst the leaves and colors this time of year.

Pink is such a wonderfully versatile color for nails that there’s sure to be a hue that everyone likes. From the latest electrifying neons to candy hues or soft pastels, a set of pink nails is a deliciously feminine option whenever you want to show off your girly and sweet side!

As one of the hottest shades right now, this bright hue is sure to make a great addition to your manicure routine. You can rock these at the beach, the office, or a night out with your friends – they match all events. Plus, it’s impossible to ignore.

Sometimes, it is best to go for classic design and classy shade. Red is one of the most popular shades among many other colors. If you've ever hunted for the perfect red lipstick, you know that there's no such thing as simply red. Whenever you feel bored or not in the mood for different trendy shades, go for red!


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