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Burning Man is a festival of art, self-expression, and creativity. Originating in 1986, it occurs every year in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Tens of thousands of people attend this summer festival in the desert to collaborate, create, and share beautiful experiences together. Not only does this summer tradition include music and art, but also the building of an entire city. The art that is built at the event can include anything from sculptures to towers.
At the end of every Burning Man festival, a large wood effigy symbolizing “the man” is burnt to the ground, as well as the rest of the event grounds. If you have the opportunity to experience Burning Man once in your lifetime, you will never forget it.
Get you ready for the holiday season by rocking a themed manicure - pedicure! Every event is much more exciting with glamorous nail art designs!

This nail art idea is a must try for those who are short on time and want to look great. The design is easy to carry out and is great for any party- be it formal or fun. Visit us and make your dream nails come true!